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2016 Donors

2016 Donors

As we look back at our accomplishments during the past year, one thing is for certain: it is the support of our donors – YOU – that has made the year success!  You have our sincere appreciation and we hope you will be with us in 2017.  There is still a lot to be done!

Individuals and Groups

United States Fish & Wildlife Service

$50,000 – $99,999
Estate of Col. Annie L. Smith

$25,000 – $49,999

$15,000 – $24,999
Qualcomm Corporation
Eric & Geesoo Reifschneider
TZ Productions

$10,000 – $14,999
Hilda P. Jones

$5,000 – $9,999
Linda Reifschneider
George & Carol Spindler

$1,000 – $4,999
Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
Cincinnati Zoo
Debra McRoberts
Estate of Loraine Runge
Woodland Park Zoo

$500 – $999
Angel Babchs
Alexis Kaiser
Las Damas de Fairbanks
Little Rock Zoo (AAZK)
Out Front Music
Robert & Susan Thompson

$250 – $499
Cornelia B. Aversa
James & Elizabeth Beem
Richard & Wanda Johnson
Hasty & Mark Pidgeon Fund
Oliver Wang

$100 – $249
Christine M. Barrello
Dianne Carrell
Cynthia Christison
Renee Comte
Rebeca Cooke
Melanie Couchman
Barbara Davis
Jeffrey Davis
Carolyn Decker
Vanessa Gagne
Eric Gienke
Victoria E. Girdler
Sandra Graham
Grant's Farm Elephant Barn Crew
Lorin Grean
Linda Knowlton
Donna N. Kwilosz
Ryan Kurtz & Robbie Clark
Elizabeth Lafont
Nancy McDaniel
Karen A. Mori
Mimi & Dennis Muraoka
Payden & Rygel
St. Louis Zoo Elephant Barn Crew
Selima Shapiro
Ashley Smith
Madonna Walker
April Yoder
Karen Zagor

Up to $99
Christine M. Blair
Andrea Bortoli
Jean Burnett
Emma Chave
Janie Chodosh
Laura Clements
Pat & Charlie Clements
Sharon Donaldson
Mary Fran Ebersole
Glenna Ree Edwards
Martha & Frank Fischer
Pat Flora
Sharon Glaeser
Joyce Gray
Doug Havrilla
Alexandra F. Heckart
Tila Kety
Jennifer Kilburn
Frances L'Alvarez
Judith Levine
Dawn Moore
Cory & Mandy Nordin
Patricia O'Neill
Arun Panneerselvam
Heather Pruett
Monte & Gretchen Richardson
Mark Ridgeway
Gene Rollins
Shannon Santangelo
Constance J. Sinclair
Jennifer Sofinowski
Mary Sprajar
Monika Stroeber
Kay Thurman
Loyce & Hayati Turan
Jean Walker
Sylvia Weber
Andrew White
Chris Wiberg
Mary A. Zachar
Glenn Zahler
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Snively Family Trust
Verhoog Wellness, LL
Anonymous (multiple)

In Kind Donations

AES Officers and Directors


California Pizza Kitchen

Elephant Pants

Donation Line

Granite City Food & Brewery

PayPal Giving Fund