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Projects in Laos PDR

Laos Update

Vanessa Gagne

In November 2013, AES provided funding for an elephant caregiver from the Elephant Conservation Center (ECC) in Laos to attend the 6th mahout workshop in Sumatra.

We are pleased to report that as promised, Kan returned to Laos and shared the knowledge he gained at the workshop with the veterinarians and mahouts at the ECC. He has been working very hard and has been given more responsibility. He is now the Elephant Manager, and among other things, is in charge of scheduling for the mahouts, elephant diets, forest management, and is a link between the ECC and the Laotian government.

While Kan was at the mahout workshop, he initiated several conversations with the other mahouts about caring for calves. We are proud of Kan's determination to return to Laos to improve the lives of the two calves living at the ECC. As a result of the dedication of Kan and the other volunteers and staff, the orphan calf at the ECC is thriving. His name is Noy and he now weighs 705 pounds! They have started a training program based on positive reinforcement and Noy enjoys “playing” along. Ultimately, the future of the elephants in Laos is in the hands of the Laotian people and we will continue to support the individuals working diligently every day to improve the lives of the elephants in Laos.

Noy enjoying a dust bath

Noy enjoying a dust bath