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Projects in Myanmar

7 Mile Elephant Camp visit

Chris Rico

AES adviser, Heidi Riddle, recently returned from a trip to Myanmar.  While she was there, she met with Dr. Zaw, a veterinarian from the Myanma Timber Company (MTE), and visited the elephant hospital that AES funded. 

The camp, which includes the hospital, is called the 7 Mile Elephant Camp and it is located in the Bome Taung Reserve.  The plan is to bring some of the older elephants from the MTE camps from around the country to the 7 Mile camp to retire.  Most of the mahout village, which is supported by the MTE, has been built and a lot of trees and fodder grasses for the camp elephants have been planted.  Thanks to our AES donors, they have solar panels and a basic water system, but there is more work to be done.  They would like to add at least one more well to provide water for the other sections of the mahout village. 

Because the Reserve is home to a few wild elephants, Heidi and Dr. Zaw were treated to a special early morning adventure.  When they arrived, two of the mahouts said their elephants had joined a herd of wild elephants near the camp.  So they hiked up the steep hill to get a glimpse of the resident wild elephants.


This camp is well taken care of and our donors can trust that their contributions have been well spent in this effort.   Thank you for your continued support.