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Projects in Sumatra, Indonesia

Update on Elena, ERU Tegal Yoso

Chris Rico

The approximately 2-year old female elephant calf named Elena had been rescued by the ERU Tegal Yoso last December because she suffered from serious injury in her left hind leg, which made it impossible for her to bear weight on the swollen leg. During their regular patrols, the ERU team had observed her for several weeks and noticed her strength and body condition constantly declining and was hardly able to follow her herd, so they decided to take her in captivity to provide care and treatment for her.

Elena with her siblings in the  river

Elena with her siblings in the  river

Due to the care in the ERU Tegal Yoso, Elena’s condition has slowly but continuously improved and now almost has fully recovered and is able to use and bear weight on her left hind leg again. Her recovery was not only supported by the mahouts and veterinarian but also by the two pregnant female patrol elephants, Rika and Dona. Both female elephants from the beginning accepted her and adopted her as part of their family, and very soon after her arrival, Elena formed close bonds with both of them. This has not changed after Riska and Dona, who had been mated by wild bulls while grassing in the forest during nighttime, gave birth to their own calves on the 20th and 22nd of March 2017. Elena has formed close bonds to her little siblings, Linda and Cory, and forms a nearly natural family group with them and their mothers.

Best wishes and appreciation for your continued support,
  Dr. Christopher Stremme.

Check out this video of Elena playing in the water with her new family!