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Projects in Thailand

Myanmar Vets' to Thailand

Chris Rico


Asian Elephant Health and Breeding Management Course in Thailand: Report for Asian Elephant Support

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Asian Elephant Support for your kind support for our trip. Without your support we could not benefit from this training.

From this trip, we got the opportunity to hear a lot of elephant information and we got to share knowledge regarding elephant healthcare management from different regions. Therefore, your support is absolutely effective for us and for taking care of our elephants.

The next days were practical training and demonstrations at the National Elephant Institute in Lampang, and Elephant Rehabilitation center, Pang Lah. On 11 June we had presentations on common health problems, tuberculosis, nutrition, and case studies in Sri Lanka and Thailand. From 12 to 14 June we studied rehabilitation, obesity, welfare, anesthesia, practiced using an elephant-like ultrasonography, semen collection, semen evaluation, estrus detection, reproductive hormone monitoring and calf management after parturition etc.

In June we participated in a 5-day practical course in northern Thailand. The first day (10 June) we had lectures on healthcare management, endotheliotropic herpes virus, nutrition, plasma transfusion and blood cross match at Chiang Mai University in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

In the online part of the course (22 April to 24 May 2019), we learned about anatomy, physiology, nutrition, endocrinology, ultrasonography, anesthesia, restraint, and breeding and parturition management of Asian elephants.

Best regards,

Dr. Moe Win Tun Dr. Zaw Min Htun