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Foundation News

Presentation at Las Damas Gathering

Chris Rico

President Linda Reifschneider speaking to Las Damas de Fairbanks about AES

President Linda Reifschneider speaking to Las Damas de Fairbanks about AES

A morning's gathering in San Diego...
In February, our president, Linda Reifschneider, presented at the monthly meeting of Geesoo Reifschneider, her daughter-in-law’s social group in Rancho Santa Fe, California.  This was a wonderful opportunity to tell a new audience about the work Asian Elephant Support is doing, and their generosity added over $1,000 to our budget to help elephants.
Las Damas de Fairbanks is a woman’s social group that does philanthropic work.  They meet monthly to socialize and hear a presentation on a relevant topic of that time, and they support small charities such as Pegasus, where old and lame horses are used to help veterans with PTSD, Monarch school which provides housing for foster children when they turn 18 to keep them off the street, as well as larger charitable organizations such as the San Diego Botanical Gardens and Feeding America San Diego among others.  In addition to their kindness and support of our efforts, we wish to give them a nod for the selfless good they do for so many others over the years.

And hopefully, our readers will see that AES doesn’t just do presentations at zoos and elephant conferences, but are delighted to ‘talk elephants’ and our efforts on their behalf, at any gathering or organization that would like us and we can arrange to attend!