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Foundation News

2010 Elephant Manager's Association Conference

Chris Rico

Two of our directors attended the Elephant Managers Association (EMA) 2010 conference, which was held in Pittsburgh, Sept 30 through Oct 3. The EMA is an international non-profit organization of professional elephant handlers, administrators, veterinarians, researchers and elephant enthusiasts.

Our president, Linda Reifschneider, gave a presentation on the role of AES in elephant conservation and her personal history in the conservation of Asian and African elephants and other wildlife in range states. Her presentation walked through her early years of being an elephant enthusiast and highlighted how her visits to the zoo, her involvement as a zoo volunteer, what she learned from elephant keepers, and her participation in the global elephant community gave her the tools she needed to make a difference in the future of the species. Her presentation touched the hearts of many at the conference and sparked new ideas for collaboration.

AES President giving presentation at EMA

AES President giving presentation at EMA

The EMA has a very active conservation committee that supports mahouts and elephants in both African and Asian range states. Together we can make a difference.

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