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Foundation News

Welcome Christine Del Turco!

Chris Rico

It is an honor for us to welcome Christine Del Turco (Turk) as a new member of the AES board of directors.  Turk comes to us with extensive hands on elephant experience; an essential asset to our operations.  She has an animal behavior degree from Delaware Valley University and a passion for training and enrichment.  Christine currently works at the Fort Worth Zoo where she cares for Asian elephants, Greater One Horned Rhinos, and Nile Hippopotamus.  We knew she would be a perfect fit after she put so much time and effort into making this year’s CPK fundraiser our best year ever - rallying elephant people from across the country.  Her involvement in the Elephant Managers Association over the years has also helped her become a prominent figure in the elephant community.  On a personal note, I am thankful to be working alongside Turk in this capacity.  Once upon a time in my first elephant internship, Turk was my supervisor.  She selflessly lifted me up and gave me guidance time and time again to help me get to where I am today.  We are looking forward to what AES will become with her involvement.  

Vanessa, Linda, and Barbara