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Foundation News

2018 Annual Board Meeting

Chris Rico

This past June Turk and Vanessa headed up to St. Louis to meet Barb and Linda for the 2018 Annual AES Board Meeting.  Vanessa and Turk spent that Friday, June 8th, at the Cahokia mounds in Illinois and the City Museum in downtown STL to celebrate Vanessa's birthday.  Then we held AES meetings both Saturday and Sunday to plan out our next year's worth of activities and fundraisers.  Saturday night we were lucky to have a nice dinner planned at a local pub where we all visited with keepers and docents from Grant's Farm and St. Louis Zoo.  Vanessa and Turk visited the STL Zoo Sunday and enjoyed meeting up with their elephant keepers for a special training demonstration with Rajah on exhibit.  That Monday, Turk and Vanessa headed home and stopped at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield, MO to see their elephant program and meet their keepers.  We look forward to sharing all of these exciting new ideas in the coming months with you.  Thank you for your continued support and helping us help elephants.

2018 Board meeting.jpg