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Foundation News

Sophie's 50th Birthday Bash

Chris Rico

Little Rock Zoo celebrates Sophie while raising funds for AES

Little Rock Zoo celebrates Sophie while raising funds for AES

Nothing like packing up a SUV full of AES merchandise and informational handouts knowing you are heading to a 100% rainout! But with 6 big watermelon also already packed to go, Linda and volunteer Cynthia Christison head out.

Linda and Heidi

Linda and Heidi

Arriving in Little Rock early Friday afternoon, we drive to Conway for dinner with our advisor, Heidi Riddle. It is always a good visit and opportunity to talk about future funding possibilities for AES. Oh, and the weather was lovely on Friday.

The rain was already in full force with the rising sun on Saturday and the weatherman’s 100% rain prediction was 100% accurate. So some computer work, shopping, a movie, and dinner with the elephant barn crew made our Saturday.

Luckily the weatherman was right again with his prediction that the rain would be gone by Sunday morning and so the zoo decided to celebrate their Sophie that day. Although chilly and windy, the turnout was good and a very fun and interactive event took place with children decorating brown lunch bags, filling them from buckets of chopped produce, and then being able to place them in the yard where Sophie would find her birthday presents. Birthday cake and punch for all was also provided, and the zoo’s public is always kind to AES, purchasing our merchandise, giving donations, and showing a real interest in our efforts for Sophie’s “cousins” in Asia.

Little Rock Zoo has been a dependable supporter of our work for a number of years now, and we can only say, THANK YOU!
We appreciate you very much.