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Foundation News

Janet's Market

Chris Rico

Looking for a motivator to clear out some of your home clutter? Selling unwanted home items with the proceeds going to Asian Elephant Support is helping AES Director Janet Dray get rid of lots things that were just taking up space.

Janet and a couple of her friends have rented a Sunday stall once a month for four months at their local Public Market. The sun gods were smiling on their June sale and brought a large crowd resulting in over $120 for AES and, as Janet points out happily, a much neater kitchen and bar area at her home! A small table was also set up at their stall entrance with AES info to help spread our message.

On Sunday July 14, Janet and her friends Marie Niedermeier and John Frontuto had a Christmas in July sale at the market with at least 7 big totes ready to go - including donations from several friends also clearing out their closets in support of AES!

See if your community hosts a Public Market Community Garage Sale. Get some friends together and have fun getting rid of (AKA recycling!) your clutter in support of Asian elephants. We would love to share your events and the elephants will benefit from your effort.