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Foundation News

Janet's Third Market

Janet Dray

t does not have to be fancy to get the word out about AES

t does not have to be fancy to get the word out about AES

This summer Rochester, NY has been abundantly warm and sunny making it quite pleasant to raise money for AES at Janet’s stall at the Public Market. The third sale on August 25 was slower than the two previous ones but the combined result of all three sales was $512 for AES initiatives. Many friends wanting to help make the sales successful contributed by doing the sale with Janet, donating items to be sold from their own homes, and making gift cards and bags to sell.

Brochures and AES items were placed at the front of the stall grabbing many shoppers’ attention and initiating chats about conservation, elephants and AES. The set-up was very simple which worked quite well at a market where people are casually strolling by and browsing.

If you’re looking for a way to help AES on a rainy (or even sunny) day consider cleaning out a closet, basement, attic, etc to find things for a garage sale. Or get together with some friends and have a group sale. It’s rewarding in so many ways: organized house (okay – maybe just an organized drawer), finding new homes for your unused items, finding old treasures, meeting new people, spreading the word about AES and raising funds for its projects.