Other Elephant Support Organizations

Elephant Managers Association


The Elephant Managers Association (EMA) is an international non-profit organization of professional elephant handlers, administrators, veterinarians, researchers and elephant enthusiasts. The EMA is dedicated to the welfare of the world's elephants through improved conservation, husbandry, research, education and communication. All our members adhere to the Elephant Managers Association, Inc. Code of Ethics and are committed to providing elephant care at the highest professional level.

International Elephant Foundation


The mission of the IEF is to support and operate elephant conservation and education programs in managed facilities and in the wild, with emphasis on management, protection and scientific research.

Veterinary Society for Sumatran Wildlife Conservation


The goal of VESSWIC is to contribute to the conservation of Sumatran wildlife by providing various kinds of veterinary expertise and services. This is achieved by providing programs and activities managed directly by VESSWIC, and by supporting programs and activities conducted by other organisations and institutions in Sumatra.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo


The Staff at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is considered by many to be the experts on the palm oil crisis in the zoo community. By providing tools and information about the issues surrounding the production of palm oil, they encourage people to take action and make responsible consumer choices.