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Newsletter Archives


October Newsletter

  • Report on Elephants for Ele's Workshop, Madikeri, Karnataka

  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s list of sustainable palm oil Halloween candy.

  • Fundraising updates

  • Changes in our Board.

September Newsletter

  • Panera for Pachyderms fundraiser continues.

  • CMU Mobile Veterinary van busy helping elephants in Thailand.

  • Meet baby Sonja.

August Newsletter

  • Fall Fundraiser at Panera

  • Sumatra Mahout visit to Canada’s African Lion Safari

  • Report: Human-Elephant Conflict Control

  • Aceh Collar Update

July Newsletter

  • Director’s meeting in Cincinatti

  • Myanmar Vets to Thailand

  • Elephant Conservation Center field update

  • Janet's Market

June Newsletter

  • Automated Sensor-Based Elephant Tracking Device

  • Buffalo, NY fundraiser

  • Thanks to Cincinnati Zoo!

  • CPK Host Competition Results

May Newsletter

  • Sophie’s 50th birthday bash

  • Update from Laos

April Newsletter

  • AES Trip to Thailand

  • Houston EEHV Workshop

  • Wahdi Azmi's Visit to the US

March Newsletter

  • 9th Annual CPK Fundraiser

  • Dudhwa Camp Healthcare and Mahout Training

  • Train Workshop in India

February Newsletter

  • In Memory of Elizabeth E. Edwards

  • Field report from Chase LaDue in Sri Lanka

  • 9th Annual CPK Fundraiser

January Newsletter

  • Welcome to new board member Janet B. Dray

  • 13th Annual Zoological Association of America conference

  • Myanmar Elephant Care Workshop

  • 9th Annual CPK Fundraiser


December Newsletter

  • Wild Elephant in Aceh, Indonesia

  • Mahout Briefing Workshop, India

  • Elephantastic Fundraiser at the Buffalo Zoo

November Newsletter

  • 30th Annual EMA Conference

  • Little Rock Zoo’s Elephant Appreciation Weekend

  • Field Report ECC in Laos

  • California Pizza Kitchen Gift Cards!

October Newsletter

  • Sustainable Palm Oil guide for Halloween

  • Update from the Elephant Garden - The Suan Xan Project

  • Topeka Zoo’s Conservation Conversation

  • Chiant Mai Mobile Vet funded!

September Newsletter

  • Sustainable Palm Oil guide for picnics and BBQs

  • Linda’s Woodland Park Zoo and Oregon Zoo visit

  • Facebook Birthday Fundraisers

August Newsletter

  • Bonfire T-Shirt Campaign Success!

  • Getting Along with Elephants in Bhutan

  • Bunta's Poachers Brought to Justice

July Newsletter

  • Bonfire T-shirt Campaign (benefitting the EREC)

  • 2018 Annual Board Meeting

June Newsletter

  • 2018 Thailand Trip

  • Elephant T-Cell Responses for EEHV Research

  • Vehicle Donations for Mobile Vet

May Newsletter

  • Laos Trip 2018 & ECC visit

  • CPK Fundraiser conclusion

April Newsletter

  • Hands Across Borders

  • Next Week: CPK FUNdraiser!

March Newsletter

  • Dr. Sarma visits Mayapur Temple Elephants

  • CPK FUNdraiser host appreciation

  • Classic AES T-Shirt Sale

February Newsletter

  • 8th Annual CPK FUNdraiser

  • Sri Lanka 2018

  • Chinese New Year

  • Thanks to Patricia Zerbini

  • Granite City fundraiser

January Newsletter

  • Happy New Year!

  • Mahout Workshop and Exchange Program

  • Little Linda's training in Sumatra

  • Update from Dr. Kushal in India


December Newsletter

  • Elephant Habitat Restoration in Bhutan

  • 2017 ZAA Conference

  • Little Rock Zoo Elephant Appreciation Day 2017

November Newsletter

  • Elephant Appreciation Day

  • 2017 EMA Conference

  • Elephantea Holiday Gifts

  • Expanding the Conservation Network of Asian Mahouts

October Newsletter

  • Update from the Field: India

  • Pacific Northwest Outreach

  • FOKMAS Conference

  • EleFriendly Bus Update

  • Painting for Pachyderms

  • Conservation and Candy

September Newsletter

  • Painting for Pachyderms

  • The Suan Xang Project

  • Mahout Pride

  • Visiting San Antonio Zoo

August Newsletter

  • New York - Canada Trip

  • A Gathering in Texas

  • Field Update: Dr. Stremme

  • T-Shirt contest extended

July Newsletter

  • Mahout Workshop 2017

  • Update on Elena at the ERU Tegal Yoso, Sumatra

  • Florida zoos tour 2017

  • Update on Jun at the ECC in Dak Lak, Vietnam

  • T-shirt contest

  • Trumpets to Jennifer Wu!

June Newsletter

  • Welcome to Christine Del Turco!

  • Farewell to Director and VP April Yoder

  • Sri Lanka School Awareness Programs

  • San Antonio Zoo Outreach

  • Wildlife Alliance Cambodia

May Newsletter

  • Bundles of Joy from Sumatra

  • Field Update from Dr. Kushal Sarma

  • Donate your used vehicle to the elephants

  • Thank you for a successful CPK fundraiser!

April Newsletter

  • Happy Easter!

  • 2017 California Pizza Kitchen FUNdraiser

  • Update from 7 Mile Elephant Camp, Myanmar

  • Sumatran Mobile Veterinary Program update

March Newsletter

  • 2017 California Pizza Kitchen FUNdraiser!

  • First ever CPK host competition

  • Update: Sumatra Conservation Response Units

  • First funding for Asian EEHV workshop

February Newsletter

  • 7th Annual CPK Fundraiser

  • EEHV Working Group

  • BECT Update from Sri Lanka

  • HEC Mitigation Workshops in Bhutan

January Newsletter

  • 2017 Year Ahead

  • Nepal HEC Workshop

  • 2016 IEF Symposium

  • Dr. Sarma Field Update


December Newsletter

  • Collaboration for Education & Elephants: Dr. Zachariah and Dr. Stremme

  • Mayapur Temple Elephants with Dr. Sarma

  • Elephant and Tiger Workshop

November Newsletter

  • Drought in Way Kambas

  • EMA Conference Recap

  • Elefantasia's Mobile Vet Units

  • Elephant Transit Home Update

  • Outreach at Dallas' Perot Museum of Science

October Newsletter

  • Sustainable Palm Oil Halloween Candy

  • President Linda's Road Trip Part 2

  • Funding Dr. Htun's elephant workshop attendance


September Newsletter

  • President Linda's Road trip Part 1

  • EMA Conference Coming Up

  • September Elephant Appreciation Jewelry Sale

  • Elephant Transit Home - Sri Lanka

  • Mayapur Temple Elephants

August Newsletter

July Newsletter

  • Myanmar Elephant Hospital

  • Way Kambas, Sumatra ERU Update

  • President Linda's trip to India (Part Three)

  • Annual Board Meeting Recap

June Newsletter

  • President Linda's trip to India (Part Two)

  • Elefriendly Bus update

  • AES volunteer outreach at Houston Zoo

May Newsletter

  • ERUs to the Rescue: Mom and Calf

  • President Linda's trip to India (Part One)

  • Las Damas outreach in San Diego

April Newsletter

  • CPK 2016 has arrived!

  • Field Update: Reptile class in Sumatra with Dr. Stremme

  • The Elephant Pants Campaign Totals

  • Trumpets to: Oregon Zoo, Houston Zoo, Woodland Park Zoo

March Newsletter

  • Sonepur Mela 2015

  • Donation Dollars at Work - Schools Awareness Program 2015

  • Pizza for Pachyderms - CPK 2016

February Newsletter

  • Elephant Response Units Update

  • Proper Chain Use in Captive Elephant Management

  • The Elephant Pants Promotion

January Newsletter

  • Mahout Workshops in India

  • Message for 2016

  • 2015 Donor List

  • Giving Corner


End of Year

December Newsletter

  • Human-Elephant Conflict in Asia

  • Trumpets to Buckman Elementary School

November Newsletter

  • Bhutan HEC Workshops

  • Elephant Foot Care in Myanmar

  • American Association of Zookeepers Conference

  • Elephant Managers Association Conference

  • CPK gift card promotion

October Newsletter

  • Regional Captive Asian Elephant Working Group Meeting

  • Visit with Mamatha

  • Elephant Jun Update in Dak Lak

  • Fall Campaign

September Newsletter

  • Dr. Stremme's Update on the CRU's in Sumatra

  • Stella and Dot Elephant Appreciation Month Trunk Sale

  • World Elephant Day at Grant's Farm

  • World Elephant Day in India

  • Trumpets to Chris Reifschneider

August Newsletter

  • The Elephants and Bees Project

  • Trumpets to Woodland Park Zoo Volunteers

  • Giving Corner: Donate for a portable scale

  • Annual Board Meeting review

July Newsletter

  • Elephant Riding Fact Sheet

  • Topeka Zoo Conservation Series

  • Adopt a Knitty

  • 2014 Donor list correction

June Newsletter

  • Jun the elephant in Dak Lak, Vietnam

  • Donations via employer matching contributions

  • Thank you to all 2014 donors

  • Party for the Planet

May Newsletter

  • 7th Indonesian Mahout Workshop

  • Monthly Donations

  • Elephant tuberculosis in human care

  • Trunks Up to Cincinnati Zoo

CPK 2015 Thank you

April Newsletter

  • CPK Event

  • Noy An's Story

  • eBay Giving Works

March Newsletter

  • Video of Bull Receiving Treatment in Laos

  • CPK Fundraiser

  • Mahout Interactive Program

  • Car Donation Program

  • Research Paper Identifying Major Health Concerns among Asian elephants

February Newsletter

  • Mahouts in Myanmar Benefit from Our Caring

  • Sonepur Elephant Health Camp (Nov. 2014)

  • Pizza for Pachyderms 2015

  • Call for Knitters

Valentine's Day Message

January Newsletter

  • AES's President's 2014 Trip to Thailand

  • The Elephant Conservation Center, Laos

  • Whitney Jones's Volunteer Experience at the ECC in Laos

  • AES President's Outreach at the Houston Zoo

  • Annual CPK Event

2014 in Review


December Newsletter

  • Awareness & Conservation Workshops in Bhutan & India

  • Teaching the Next Generation the Value of Elephant Conservation

  • New Year's Resolution: Monthly Giving

November Newsletter

  • ACEH Program

  • Update from Sumatra

  • AmazonSmile

October Newsletter

  • Elephant Day in Assam, India

  • 2014 EMA Conference

  • Halloween Candy Shopping Guide

  • Asian Wildlife Conservation Day

Update from the Field

  • An update of orphan calf, Agam

September Newsletter

  • AES helps further a veterinarian's education

  • 2014 World Elephant Day at the Little Rock Zoo

  • Partners for Pachyderms Campaign Recap

August Newsletter

  • Next Generation of Conservationists

  • "Partners for Pachyderms" Campaign Update

  • Changes to Board of Directors

Partners for Pachyderms - A Field Update 

July Newsletter

  • Partners for Pachyderms

  • My Internship at AES

  • Annual Meeting Report

June Newsletter

  • E-Bay Auction for Elephants

  • Trumpets to ... The Cincinnati Zoo!

  • With Heavy Hearts ... Noy's Passing

May Newsletter

  • Veterinarians Sharing Knowledge in Myanmar

  • Little Rock Zoo

  • 2014 CPK Thank You

  • AmazonSmile

April Newsletter 

  • Field Update from Sumatra

  • California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

  • PolarBear & Panda

March Newsletter

  • California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

  • Field Update from Sumatra

  • New Volunteer to AES

February Newsletter

  • 4th annual California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

  • Knitted elephants fundraiser for AES

  • Update of projects in Laos

January Newsletter

  • VESSWIC 3-year commitment

  • Support for Laotian elephant caregiver, Sounthone Phitsamone (Kan)

  • AES T-shirts


Year in Review 2013 

Holiday Greeting 2013

December 2013

  • Fokmas - Mahout Workshop 2013

  • A Success Story from India

  • AES T-shirts

  • Holiday and End of the Year Giving

November 2013

  • Orphaned Calf, Raju

  • 34th Annual Elephant Manager's Association Conference - Dallas

  • Trumpets to Little Rock Zoo AAZK

  • Happy Holidays

October 2013

  • India Update - Elephant Health Clinics

  • Happy Halloween: Purchasing Sustainable Palm Oil Treats

  • Heading Out to Watch Football?: GoodDining program

September 2013

  • 2013 International Elephant & Rhino Conservation and Research Symposium

  • Delivering the Scale to the Elephant Conservation Center in Sayaboury, Laos

  • Elephant Appreciation Day - Sept 22

  • Plea to support the Conservation Stamp

  • Trumpets to our supporters

August 2013

  • Bona and Agam updates

  • Dr. Raman Sukumar presents at St. Louis Zoo

  • Ways to Help: GoodSwipe program

July 2013 

  • A healthy elephants starts with healthy feet

  • Elefantasia receives a portable scale

  • Ways to Help: GoodSearch and GoodDining programs

June 2013

  • Annual meeting of AES board of directors

  • Hoof knife campaign results

  • Ways to Help: Ecards for weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries

May 2013

  • Annual California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser: Thank you to our supporters

  • Mother's Day greeting and Ecard announcement

  • Of Elephants and Man, Documenting indigenous traditional knowledge on the Asian Elephant in captivity

April 2013

  • Ways to Help: 3rd Annual California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

  • Ways to Help: Sponsorship for Supplies - Hoofknives for Mahouts in India

  • Agam the rescued calf

March 2013

  • Ways to Help: 3rd Annual California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

  • Support for veterinary care for Myanmar's timber elephants

  • Ways to Help: Sponsorship for Supplies - Hoofknives for Mahouts in India

February 2013

  • Ways to Help: Ecards for Valentines Day

  • Field course in emerging diseases of Asian Elephants in Kerala, India

  • Ways to Help: 3rd Annual California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

January 2013

  • Ways to Help: Ecard greetings for Valentine's Day, Buffalo Exchange

  • Elephant Conservation Center, Sayaboury, Laos

  • Emerging Diseases and Conservation in India, Research Report

  • AES article published in Gajah


Holiday Greeting 2012 

December 2012

  • 2012 Elephant Manager's Conference article

  • Indian teacher makes great strides for conservation

  • Ways to Help

November 2012

  • Holiday Gift Giving (Ecards) on website

  • Hoof Knives for Indian Mahouts campaign

  • Conservation - Save Vanishing Species stamps

Thanksgiving greeting

October 2012

  • Request for general funds

  • Halloween candy made with sustainably-harvested palm oil

  • Education on elephants and tuberculosis

September 2012

  • Bona update

  • Thank you to supporters of GoodSearching, GoodShopping and GoodDining

  • Elephant Appreciaion Day

August 2012

  • Thank you to donors

  • Support for ElefantAsia

  • Ways to help: Sozbuzz reminder

July 2012

  • Support for parasite prevention (funding of Ivermectin)

  • Aswin completes his masters degree in Forest Conservation

  • Ways to help: GoodDining

June 2012

  • AES annual meeting

  • Earth Day

  • Employer Matching Donation program

May 2012

  • Thank you to California Pizza Kitchen supporters

  • Veterinary workshop in India

  • Ways to help: GoodSearch, GoodDining, GoodShop

April 2012

  • California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

  • Regional Asian Elephant Veterinary Workshop

March 2012

  • California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

  • Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

  • Support for Think Elephants International

February 2012

  • California Pizza Kitchen fundraiser

  • Support of Aswin Bangun for a Master's in Forest Conservation

  • Veterinary Workshop in Ahmedabad, India

January 2012

  • Review of International Elephant and Rhinio Conservation and Research Symposium

  • AES supports VESSWIC with award from Denver Zoo photo contest

  • Ways to help: GoodSearch, GoodShop, GoodDining


2010 in Review - Forward to 2011

  • 2010 year in review

  • Goals for 2011

  • Self assessment

Holiday Greeting

December 2011

  • Update of flooding in Thailand

  • Facebook invitation

November 2011

  • Review of the 2011 Elephant Managers Assocation (EMA) Conference (Rochester, NY)

  • AES Sponsors Richard Lair as Keynote Speaker at EMA

  • Support of ElefantAsia for purchase of dart gun for mobile vet clinic

  • Ways to help: GoodSearch

October 2011

  • Update on Bona, the orphaned calf

  • Ways to help: eBay Giving Works, car donation, SOSBUZZ, spread the word

August 2011

  • CPK fundraiser thank you

  • AES annual meeting in Portland, OR

  • Ways to help: Car donation program

  • Richard Lair visit to the United States to present

  • Wedding announcement

June 2011

  • Story of Bona the orphaned calf

May 2011

  • Portable scales delivered to Sumatra

April 2011

  • Palm oil crisis and conservation issues

  • What we can do to help

  • Sources of more information

February 2011

  • Update from Sumatra: veterinary work, calves born to Olive and Yuni


December 2010 (Holiday Giving)

November 2010

  • Thailand flooding and plea for help

  • Story of Sai Chon, a female calf born during the floods

October 2010

  • Review of the 2010 Elephant Managers Association (EMA) Conference (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Update from Sumatra

  • Purchase of scales for Vesswic

September 2010

  • Support for Emerging Diseases research in India

August 2010

  • 4th annual Mahout Workshop, Sumatra

July 2010

  • Update from Sumatra

  • Story of Harris, the rescued bull

June 2010

  • Support for Vesswic and Elephants Helping Elephants in Sumatra (CRU)