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Funding Request Process

Asian Elephant Support is pleased that you are requesting support for an elephant project.  Asian Elephant Support (AES) is a legally registered non-profit organization based in the United States. We will consider projects within Asian elephant range countries.  Below are the AES funding request requirements and award process.

Asian Elephant Support Funding Request Requirements

Please include the following in your proposal. AES may ask for additional information upon review of the proposal.

  1. Project title
  2. Project location (country and area within the country)
  3. Name of the organization you are associated with (if applicable)
  4. Project Leader (Project Manager or Principal Investigator)
    • Please provide the name of the person who will be directly responsible for the project.
  5. Project Leaders contact information (physical address, email address, telephone number, and facsimile number (if they have one)
  6. Total cost of the project
  7. Amount requested from AES
  8. Project summary (1 page maximum)
  9. Statement of need. Describe why this project is needed and how it will help elephants.
  10. Project goals, objectives, and activities.
    • A goal is a long-term outcome that will directly contribute to the mission of your organization or to your personal career development. A goal may not be achieved within the project timeline but the objectives of the project should get you closer to achieving this goal.
    • An objective is a specific outcome you need to achieve in order to make progress on your goal. Objectives should be achieved within the project timeline. Objectives should be measurable and realistic. You should be able to monitor and evaluate objectives.
    • Activities are what you need to do to achieve your objectives. Activities are generally listed in your budget.
  11. Timeline for the Project (Click here to view a sample)
  12. Budget for the project. List all budget items. Include the following for each budget item:
  13. Description of the organization you are associated with (if applicable)
  14. CV (or statement of qualification) of the Project Leader
  15. AES does not support overhead costs.  

How to Submit a Funding Request to Asian Elephant Support

Please submit your proposal in email to
Proposals can be submitted at any time throughout the year. There is no submission deadline.
If the timing of your proposal is urgent, please let us know when you submit your proposal.

Asian Elephant Support Review and Awards Process

The AES Board of Directors will review your proposal within a month of your submission. We will contact you if we have questions or need additional information.

If AES awards funding for the project, information on how to transfer funds (e.g., bank account information) will be required.

Asian Elephant Support Reporting requirements

AES requires one interim report halfway through the funding period and one final report at the end of the funding period, including at least 2 photographs from the project with each report.  Brief videos to document grant work in all interim as well as final report.

AES may also request brief field updates for our newsletter, website, and social media (Facebook) with your permission.

IMPORTANT: AES intends to use funded project reports and photos to provide information to AES supporters via our website, social media, and newsletters. If certain information or data should not be included in AES communications, please inform us when submitting project reports.